The choice of shoes should depend primarily on the lifestyle and the contents of the wardrobe. It is known, however, that men’s shoes can be found in classic models that are so universal that they will appeal to men regardless of age or lifestyle. Shoes and sneakers suitable for casual outfits, are not only very comfortable, but with their vibrant colors can spice up any outfit. The classic black or brown ankle boots that were originally worn by horse riding enthusiasts, thanks to their simple form, will prove themselves as everyday autumn shoes. Espadryle, in turn, is a great solution for men looking for breathable shoes like sandals or flip flops, while covering their feet like moccasins. Regardless of whether they are more expensive or cheap, their life span can be prolonged with the use of suitable care and protection products. All you have to do is remember that a natural leather preparation is not necessarily suited for suede, and that the choice of appropriate material depends on the material from which the shoes are made.

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